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Live BDSM (Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission) has become a new online trend thats easy to get pulled into. It's no wounder that the online fetish community has embrased it so much. Some of the top social cam sites users are able to live out there wildest BDSM fantasies from home. Bellow I look at the four most popular BDSM cam sites.

Better than BDSM videos?

Absolutly after my first cam show I was on a new high. I'd never experienced anything that hot in porn before. This is why I want to share some of my favorite sites with you. Bellow are the best 4 BDSM cam sites I've had the pleasure of experiencing.

Slave Cams

As the name suggest slave cams is aimed at the more domination oriented customer. These performers are as uninhibited as anyone can possibly be, and very resourceful when it comes to sex toys and BDSM devices. Making your fantasies real won't be a problem, because I can guarantee that no matter who you'll pick, you will surely get a live show that you'll remember. What I like about this website is that you are in charge and any of your wishes will be fulfilled in no time. Choose carefully the model you like and let the party begin.

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Live Dominatrix's

I know that finding a dominatrix that can make you obey is not an easy task, but on such a popular website you'll get in touch with one in a minute. You'll see that various performers from all around the world are available at any hour, many of them having some kinky ideas about how a live BDSM session could flow. This is the place where you could share all your hidden desires, knowing that you'll get full privacy, and where you'll find mistresses that won't refuse you anything. I like the idea of being dominated by a babe that knows what she's doing, but here you'll find much more than this: some dominatrices that can handle any disobedient slave and turn him into a good guy.

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Live Bondage

Before joining this website, I was thinking that intense pleasure couldn't be achieved online, but I must say that these models proved me I was wrong. Yes, some outstanding BDSM performers can be found here, but the fact that many of them are extremely beautiful and also very dedicated to their sex partners makes them amazing. If you'll talk with these cam girls about your bondage fantasies and ask them to help you fulfill every each of them, I am sure that you'll get the time of your life here. This way you'll be able to enjoy some of your guilty pleasures at any hour, from your home, desk or even when travelling.

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Live Discipline

Some slaves are born obedient, some of them need discipline. If you're a person that really likes to follow orders, this may be the place for you. Sure, if you'll join this website and you won't do what your mistress will ask for, I'm pretty sure that you'll get punished. This means that you'll get spanked or if you've been really bad, the dominatrix will find a way to make you regret. Also, on this website you'll find slaves too, always ready to let you mess with them and happy to follow all your indications. That's why once you'll decide about which role you want to choose, reaching orgasm will be just a matter of time.

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